Sunday, February 15, 2009


while i thought we had declared this valentine's day a "no presents, no flowers" affair, i ended up getting both anyway.  beautiful white roses appeared on friday.  yesterday, while eating a most delicious egg mcmuffin, two very large boxes also appeared.

i had no idea what it would be.  none!  i thought maybe it was a bunch of cookbooks, or even shoes.  then i unwrapped them.  wii!  and wii fit!!!!!  i should not be this excited.  but i am this excited!  i hooked them both up downstairs while b napped.  then, after he went to bed for the evening, mmm and i headed down and played all of the sports games.  he destroyed me in all, of course, but that's not the point.  boxing was best.  getting angry and cursing and jumping around threatening each other.  is there a better way to spend valentine's day?

friday evening boothie came over and we finally got to catch up.  talk of work dominated, but i think we both needed fresh perspective and a chance to vent.

yesterday, b and i took gram to minard's for lunch and it was delicious.  i wish i could eat it all over again.  half cheese ravioli/half spaghetti.  minestrone.  salad. yum.

lounging in bed at the moment.  i can hear the tv on in the living room and i know mmm and b are out there, but neither one is making a sound.  a nice mellow sunday morning.  

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