Sunday, February 22, 2009

sugar and snow II

a perfect sunday.  well, it didn't start out that way.  i woke up exhausted, yet again.  the boys let me crash on the little sofa til almost 11:00!  after that i decided that i must get up, tired or not.  b and i played around.  mmm went to get papers, then we all ate lunch together.   

after that b and i donned our snowsuits and hit the slopes.  not really.  we just hit the backyard and the park.  we really wore ourselves out.  we headed back inside and b slept for almost four hours.  during that time i cleaned the garage, played boxing and tennis on the wii, and baked bread, two batches of cookies and banana nut muffins.  i've said it before.  you can get a lot done with uninterrupted time when you're not used to it.  

i made the oatmeal cherry chocolate cookies from my new art and soul of baking cookbook.  these are so easy to make and incredibly delicious.  i also made the double chocolate cookies from tartine.  i love both of these cookbooks so much.  maybe by the time i'm 60 i'll master everything in both of them.  

b woke up and at one of each cookie and a muffin.  then he dragged me back outside.  back in for dinner, play and bath.

now i sit, watching the oscars.  embarrassed to say i've hardly seen any of the nominated films. such is life with a two-year-old.  that's what dvds are for, right?

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