Wednesday, January 21, 2009

remember two things

random memory tonight inspired by swiss chard.  yes, swiss chard, the leafy green.  long, long ago, when mmm and i were first dating, we went out a lot.  so funny to think back to that time when we actually had to schedule and coordinate.  we had to DATE.  not like, well, now, where we live together, have children, etc.  anyway, we went out a lot.  and we'd go out in groups.  with our friends, his and mine, and hilarity would ensue.

so, swiss chard.  we sauntered from happy hour to madeline's downtown for dinner.  probably ten of us.  i just remember, for some reason, boothie and vinnie getting their plates and determining that yes, in fact, the side was swiss chard.  and that's really not much of an anecdote.  but to me, that memory brings back so much.  amazing to think there was a time when mmm and i weren't just here.  in this place and time.

second thing.  a surprise find tonight.  mmm spotted it, actually.  we were browsing a book sale and he picked up what we both thought was a german cookbook.  it was under $5 so i said "get it!" and he did.  i picked it up a little while ago and it is actually a complete culinaria of german cooking. i am very excited to read it.  

one more thing.  tew gave me a thoughtful and beautiful necklace this weekend and i love it so much.  i checked out the site where she got it and i have fallen in love with this.  just in case anyone wants to know.  anyone who might be interested in buying me a valentine's day present. or a groundhog day present.  or maybe presidents day.  just saying.  my wrist is calling for it.

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boothie said...

lol!! it amazes me that when i pulled up this post and read the words swiss chard - that very memory came to mind...ah good times good times :)