Friday, December 19, 2008

lanky brunettes with wicked jaws

watching the thin man with mmm.  one of my most favorite movies.  i like to think that mmm and i could have been nick and nora, cracking wise and swilling gin.  our asta, however, would be an incredibly clever holland lop.  we'd walk him on a leash, of course.  
reporter: say listen, is he working on a case?
nora charles: yes, he is.
reporter: what case?
nora charles: a case of scotch.  pitch in and help him.
i've gotten a bit of baking done last night and tonight.  not nearly enough, but some!

last night i made a new mix of granola- dried apricot, almond and ginger.  tasty.  i like it with milk.  
tonight i finished up a batch of these fig swirls and some oat and brown sugar scones.  the fig swirls are pretty but a bit sweet for me.  the scones will be perfect tomorrow with a generous dollop of butter.  and speaking of butter and all things sweet, i really need to put the brakes on in the eating department.  getting a little thick around the middle. 

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tams said...

your treats look so tasty! and i am sure your middle section looks just fine!!! miss you!