Tuesday, November 18, 2008

a little vindaloo for you

birthday dinner early at cafe of india. so good.  i think my love of indian food goes back to the south park days when boothie worked for the indians downtown.  she got to bring home the grub. mmmmm.

since the hubs will be in sandy ahgo on the actual anniversary of my birth, i got my loot today. which i totally did not expect!  he scored big time with lots and lots of cds and two ben folds concert dvds.  and a number 7 football jersey!  and a super sweet pair of mountaineer pants. spoiled!  

i think i'm the only person around not enjoying the snow.  just makes me feel cold and icky and stressed.  alas, i'm in a place.  

strange being at work without tew.  miss her so much.  

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