Tuesday, November 4, 2008

election day part II

sitting with my mom watching returns.  coughing my head off.  official diagnosis?  random virus.  no meds can help me.  will it never end?

my husband, the international man of mystery, is off on "business".  or so he tells me.  honestly, the man travels so much it would probably serve me well to be more suspicious.  i can hear the questions now, "did your husband travel frequently?  were you often detained in airport security lines?  did he have socialist leanings?"  ignorance is bliss.

reminded tonight of why we need girlfriends as well as husbands.  tew, my sssm, crossed into my quarantined home and brought me my most favorite of foods- chicken tikka masala.  something spicy enough that i could actually taste it.  oh, it was so good.  we had nice speaks with my mom.  i even suckered tew into giving b his bath.  she takes good care of us, that girl.

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