Friday, November 28, 2008

calm quiet

there was a time in my life that i did yoga every day.  actually, a good portion of my life i did yoga every day.  i can't even pretend to say that i do it nearly that often now.  i'm lucky if i get it in three or four times a week.  but i do love it.  i love the way it makes me feel.  i love the quiet and the control and springiness it leaves me in my joints.

after b was born i needed something.  something to help calm my nerves and give me a little bit of me time.  i knew i could not find the time to go out and take a class.  that's when i found yoga today.  i love these women.  sarah is very calming and restorative.  neesha is bubbly and adventurous.  and adi will flat out kick your ass.  it's a great site.  they offer about 15 classes of differing levels at any given time.  

i've been meaning to write about this site for a long time and today i finally got around to it.  my mind is otherwise empty today.  in a very good way!

relaxing day at home with the hubs and kids.  i ate way too much.  the end.  

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