Monday, November 3, 2008

bakewell slice

while in scotland i discovered the most amazing dessert.  it's called a bakewell slice and i had never heard of it before.  it's so simple and delicious, i can't understand why we do not bake and consume it here.  if i'm wrong, if i've just missed something while eating my way through this delicious country, please set me straight.

at any rate, i first encountered a bakewell slice here.  it was perfect.  homey, yet still a bit sophisticated because of the almondy raspberry yuminess.  crunchy short bread topped by an airy almond-based crumb.  i can't say enough good things about this cake.

the top picture above is my first sample of the bakewell slice.  the second picture is my first attempt at baking one.  

i scoured the internet to find a recipe.  there were several that popped up so i just randomly chose one as they appeared to be basically the same.  keep in mind that you can use any jam you like.  i have had apricot as well as raspberry and blackberry.  man, i really do love this stuff.  i'm going to go eat a slice now.  if only i had a nice latte to go with....

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Read Me said...

Looks good! Where can one buy almond meal in Morgantown? Or, can I just ground up sliced almonds and make almond meal? And what is caster sugar?