Wednesday, October 8, 2008

second most important day of the year

the first most important day of the year is b's birthday. 

but today, today is our wedding anniversary. on a wet and chilly october 8th three years ago, mmm and i stood up in front of friends, family, and about 100 or so koi at forks of cheat winery and said our vows.

it was beautiful.  despite the chill and the rain, we had a lovely day, a day that ended up being exactly what i always wanted that day to be.  my favorite part of that day, however, was afterwords.  we were exhausted and i had been starving myself for a couple of months to fit into a size two wedding dress.  we left the reception, headed to the eurosuites, ordered a ton of wings ole and watched the eukenuba dog show.   that, my friends, is my idea of a good time!

hate to be so far away from the hubs on this day, but neither of us are overly sentimental.  we'll make it through.  

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