Wednesday, October 29, 2008

my first daring bakers entry

the challenge: hand tossing pizzas.

with lots of help from b and mmm i spent last friday and saturday making four handtossed pizzas. we had lots of fun filming, tossing, baking and eating. props to mmm for his stellar camera work. once i get the video trimmed i hope to post my terrible tossing to youtube. we'll see.

headed to the farmers market on a cold and rainy saturday to find some tasty toppings. this delicious cheese from firefly farms and some red and green tomatoes.

i've got to say i was fairly intimidated by the tossing process. also, my dough didn't really want to toss. it sort of just spread out all on his own. it all worked out, though.
i made two base sauces: a white sauce sans garlic and a nice tomato coulis.
my first attempt was traditional pepperoni and cheese- the coulis, firefly cabra la mancha and mozzarella. next came white sauce with prosciutto wrapped asparagus and cheese. by far my favorite. third, red and green tomato with coulis and cheese. and finally, my big experiment. spaghetti squash, white sauce and sage. yeah, that one? not so much.
as soon as each pizza came out of the oven we chowed down, anxious to taste our creations. delish! thin, crunchy crust and fresh flavorful ingredients. props to the folks at firefly farms for making such delicious cheese so close to my home.


Mary said...

Your pizzas look delicious! Great job on your first challenge!

MaryMary said...

Your pizzas sound so very fancy...and yummy. Cheers on your first challenge!

Lynn said...

Congratulations on your first challenge. Your pizzas sound really up scale, I like that. I am impressed. Well done.

Eat4Fun said...

Congrats on completing your first DB Challenge! Very nice looking pizzas!