Sunday, October 26, 2008

fall family fun

mmm and i took b to rich farms this morning and my oh my did he have a ball.  it was a gorgeous day.  the sky was pale blue, dotted with clouds.  various birds flew overhead making their respective ways south for the next season.  leaves lined curvy route 857; the drive made me feel like we were in a movie.

came home so b could nap then headed to gram's for the annual halloween party.  so many of our friends and family were there including supermax, aj the carrot, dominic chicken, marron fairy, ian skeleton, kasey ninja, kyle cowboy, jack the superfan and little red riding hood (aka izzy).  the kids all got along so well.  even the little ones got into halloween games.  i am exhausted now, but it was well worth the chaos.  

crashing as soon as i send out some photos of b scarecrow.  

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