Sunday, October 12, 2008

catching up

busy weekend catching up with real life.  lots of baking, cleaning, and visiting.  

i was a bundle of energy yesterday.  i baked turnovers and bread for the menfolk to enjoy.  ate too much of both.  

went for a walk and to the park with mmm and b this morning.  b is crazy about scarecrows now and we have to stop and talk about each one that we pass.  he has decided to be a scarecrow for halloween.  not very exciting to me, but it is for him because it's something he can actually relate to.  

visited with brother number one and his crew this afternoon.  had fun showering izzy with clothes i bought on my trip.  headed home and enjoyed a visit from tew and sam.  baked b some sugar cookies after they left.  

and now, after this beautiful and fulfilling weekend, i am sick.  i feel 100% terrible.  yuck.  hope that it soon passes and really hope that no one else in the house falls ill.  

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