Sunday, October 5, 2008

caravaggio and cappuccino

today was another loooong day, but i think that's just how it goes when you're in a city of this size.  way too much to see and do.  honestly, i think i forget over half of what we saw today.  all of the layers from ancient to renaissance, from imperial times to mussolini.  a lot of history and a lot of ego fill this place.  oh, and, yeah, a lot of churches as well.

visited two beautiful and very different churches today. the first was st. cecilia in our own neighborhood.  the second was st. luis dei francesi, which is the seat of the french catholic church in rome.  this church is ornate and beautiful, but most importantly houses three panels featuring st. matthew by caravaggio, who i love.  

we had a lovely lunch in piazza navona, relaxing and listening to the street musicians, water fountains, and happy people walking all around.  much sunnier today, so that was nice.

tomorrow, we move on....

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