Thursday, September 4, 2008

foy vance and politics

another favorite i discovered in the past year.  foy vance.

mmm and i saw him at the belfast/nashville sister cities party.  i fell in love with his voice and his presence.  the usually reserved ktm actually gave mr. vance a big ole hug after the show and said "your voice is crazy awesome!"  but not before asking him "where's the bathroom?"  class act all the way.  you should certainly check him out.

mmm, by nature and by profession, is drawn to watching speeches.  any and all speeches.  therefore we are enjoying every blessed second of the republican national convention.  help me, people.  please please help me.  if i hear "country first" one more fucking time....  and the overriding kenny loggins theme?  seriously?  

bizarre as the convention is, it cannot match the whacked out commentary provided by my socialist husband.  

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