Tuesday, September 16, 2008

animal cookies

i come from a long line of bakers.  my scottish great-grandmother kept her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren happy and full with breads, cakes and cookies.  while i lost my grandmother when i was very young, i do have several vivid memories of her and one of my most favorite is of making sugar cookies.  i would steal bits of dough and she would pretend not to see.  

my family as a whole are sugar cookie junkies.  we prefer a nice royal icing and do not shy away from colors.  no holiday or event is too small to mark with a special cookie.  those of you who attended my wedding know that i made, oh, TWO HUNDRED "m" shaped sugar cookies to mark my nuptials.  it did me in, people.  i have not made a single one in nearly three years.

until this weekend.

i braved the wrist strain once again to make some lovely treats for baby b.  elephants, pigs, and miniature sherlocks (rip).

he loved them!!!

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