Sunday, August 31, 2008

football finally

yesterday marked the beginning of 2008 mountaineer football and with it much binge drinking and chicken wing eating.  turned out to be a beautiful day.  saw many friends and made some new ones.  should have something more meaningful to say about the day, but anything i'd have to say would sound like a sports report.

today has been lovely so far.  gorgeous out.  woke up early and did a new yoga sequence.  now my shoulders feel as though they could crack right off of my body.  took grammie, izzy and baby b to ihop for breakfast.  we had the nicest waiter.  so nice that i pulled the manager aside and told him how nice he was.  got the whole grain and nut pancakes which were delish.  baby b got the chocolate chip smiley pancake.  he was psyched.

more apple baking to be done today.  apple dumplings and perhaps tarts.  have some tart pans i'd like to try out and this would be a good time to do so.  

visiting aunt j and uncle c in the 'ville for supper tonight.  baby b will like seeing muffy and abby.  sure to be many cousins as well.  

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MMM said...

I did not see anyone doing any binge drinking...