Thursday, August 28, 2008

all this and i forgot the tortillas

made the egregious error of going to the grocery store today after work.  don't know what i was thinking.  overflowing with not-nice people.  yelling-at-their-kids-in-public kinds of people.  things had been completely rearranged since last i'd been there and i couldn't find a thing.  

baby b was also quite unhappy to be there.  he wanted to stay in the car with his magna-doodle.  (he's getting very good at the magna-doodle).  baby b, being the sociable fellow he is, proceeded to say hi to every person we passed.  so we're talking, what, a minimum of 30 hellos?  yeah, i'd say about two people said hi back.  what is wrong with these people?  i'm afraid they are eventually going to wear him down and give him low self-esteem.  

left the store with half of the items on my list.  praise heaven that my husband does the grocery shopping.  if not, we might starve.  

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